A lawsuit filed by four former employees at Macy’s Herald Square flagship store in New York City claimed the store racially profiled it’s Asian customers. The recently filed complaint alleged the store attendants were given instructions to limit the purchasing on Asian customers, as they believed they would re-sell the goods on other platforms. The lawsuit, filed

Signage for Korean grocery H Mart pops up Uptown. The area between Morningside Heights and the Upper West Side has quickly increased the number of Chinese and Korean restaurants recently, and now, it looks like H Mart — the Korean grocery store chain with a cult following — will soon be opening in the neighborhood, too. Harlem Bespoke spotted signage

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) appointed its first South Asian-American magistrate judge — Hon. Sanket Bulsara — Chief Judge Dora Irizarry announced this week. He is the first South Asian-American to serve as a judge within the Second Circuit. Just before his appointment to the bench in EDNY,

A restaurant in Manhattan’s East Village has apologized publicly and fired an employee after a customer was called an offensive term for Asian people on a receipt. Cornerstone Cafe on Avenue B acknowledged late Wednesday that a server referred to a customer as “Ching Chong” on the slip for a to-go order of steak and

The High Line-straddling Standard Hotel has found a surprise potential buyer, sources tell The Post: Hong Kong-based wheeler-dealer Goodwin Gaw. Of perhaps greater interest to the city’s potentially oversaturated hotel market, the purchase price is likely 15 percent less than what the Standard was in contract to sell for in 2014 — although the deal

A London-based Asian-style fast food version of Pret a Manger is coming to New York. ITSU plans to open its first US location at 530 Seventh Avenue in the Fashion District, at 39th Street, next year. The Asian-inspired fast food chain — think low-carb salads, crunchy veggies, sushi and smoothies — was founded by Julian

An Airbnb host who canceled the reservation of a guest due to her race has been ordered to pay $5,000 in damages, make a personal apology and take a course in Asian-American studies, authorities said Thursday. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing announced the agreement with the former Airbnb host who canceled the reservation of

The indomitable poke trend is now also available to observant Jews — at least three certified kosher restaurants in New York have started to serve poke or will soon. The newest opening Kureiji is on the Upper West Side at 506 Amsterdam Avenue, as spotted by West Side Rag. It’s apparently a conglomerate of Asian

Asian-Americans are often thought of as doctors. Bankers. Success stories. While those examples exist, Asian-Americans are by no means monolithic. There’s a whole other side to the minority group that goes undiscussed. There’s the elderly retired Chinatown restaurant worker who has limited savings and must share an apartment with several other people. There’s the Cambodian refugee

On May 5, a source reported that American artist and producer Swizz Beatz will participate as a special judge at the New York auditions of “Show Me the Money 6.” This is not the first time the show has featured a guest judge from the United States. Last year, “Show Me the Money 5” featured

A 19-year-old Asian man was stabbed to death during a heated argument over an internet cafe seat in New York City. The incident occurred on Wednesday at K&D Internet Cafe in Flushing, Queens. Yangpu Fan, the victim, was stabbed in the stomach before being taken to a hospital, NBC reported. Paul Kim, the suspect, reportedly

Once again, Asians kids dominated the annual stampede for admission to the city’s eight elite high schools for the upcoming academic year, according to newly released Department of Education data. Of the 5,078 jubilant eighth-graders who received acceptance letters this week — out of 27,853 total applicants — 52.5 percent were Asian, the DOE reported

Mark your calendars for March 9th through March 18th, when Asia Week takes over New York City to celebrate culture and artworks from every Asian culture. Dealers, auction houses, museums, and institutions open their doors for the much-anticipated event, both educating the public and providing opportunities to purchase some of the most coveted of Asian

The Year of the Rooster could be a wake-up call that Chinatown is steadily, if slowly, changing into something long-time New Yorkers might not recognize. Omens of upheaval to come are everywhere — once you look past famous giant banquet barns like Ping’s and Jing Fong (“Dim sum on demand”) and beloved holes-in-the-wall such as

As New York Fashion Week kicks off this month, many designers are weighing their roles in society during political turmoil. NBC Asian America spoke with five Asian and Asian-American designers and labels ahead of NYFW’s kick off on Feb. 9 about their inspirations for their new fall and winter collections, and responsibilities in the current