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Asian-style Pret coming to NYC

A London-based Asian-style fast food version of Pret a Manger is coming to New York.

ITSU plans to open its first US location at 530 Seventh Avenue in the Fashion District, at 39th Street, next year.

The Asian-inspired fast food chain — think low-carb salads, crunchy veggies, sushi and smoothies — was founded by Julian Metcalfe, the co-founder of Pret a Manger and founder of Metcalfe’s Food Company, in partnership with Clive Schlee.



ITSU already has close to 60 locations around London.

The 2,100 square foot space will have around 65 seats.

Bob Savitt, Brian Neugeboren and Nicole Goetz of Savitt Partners repped the building while RKF’s Jaclyn Totolo, Ariel Schuster and Michael Cohen represented ITSU.

The location of the upcoming ITSU held meaning for Metcalf — it is the location of Pret’s second New York location. Launching ITSU at the same address was a natural, Savitt told Side Dish.

ITSU is planning on growing the brand considerably in the US, Metcalfe said.


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